Single Again premiere

So last night was the premiere of “Single Again” (Doraon Singeul). Most of the scenes shown last night were set in Cebu, but they were a bit disappointing. Judging from the first episode, it’s gonna be a typical love story. The man is rich while the woman is poor. The man is the company owner and the woman is one of his employees. And of course, they hate each other.

The drama was ranked #14 last night with a rating of 9.7 nationwide. In Seoul, it was ranked #13 with a rating of 10.3 according to TNS Media Korea.


  1. I didn’t see anything in Cebu. It was all in Korea — and it was boring. I can’t believe I stayed up late to watch that

  2. i saw Kim sung-min being interviewed, and i didnt know that they had a drama being shot here in the philippines, not until i watched “single again.”

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