Single Again

Single Again is the English title of the drama that was partly filmed in Cebu late last month. It will premiere tonight at 9:55 on SBS (channel 5 in Seoul). It will be shown on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Cast of Korean drama "Single Again"
Cast of Korean drama “Single Again”

The drama stars Kim Ji Ho, Kim Sung Min (the former Kim Sung Taek), Jo Mi Ryung, Kang Kyung Jun and Jung Sung Kyung.

Kim Ji Ho is the popular wife of Kim Ho Jin. She’s also the model of Cuckoo and Misozium. I’m sure you’re familiar with those commercials if you watch Korean TV. She was also in the drama “Glass Shoes”, which was shown in the Philippines a few months back. The first time I’ve seen her was in the drama “More Than Love” shown in Arirang TV more than two years ago. She met and fell in love with her husband in that TV show. It also starred Lee Tae Ran and Ryu Jin.

Kim Sung Min is the former Kim Sung Taek… dunno why he changed his name. He was in the drama “Miss Mermaid”, which was shown on GMA 7 in the Philippines more than a year ago.

The drama’s website has been online for a couple of days now. You can find a lot of information about the drama from there. There is a photo gallery, VOD section, wallpaper, bulletin board and more. There’s even a section on the making of the drama. I’ve seen the “Cebu Story” and they didn’t miss to use Sandara Park’s single “In or Out”. 😀

Anyway, I’ll try to watch the first few episodes of the drama just to see Cebu. I haven’t been there and I’m so curious to know how they used the beautiful Shangrila Cebu in the drama. The timing of this show couldn’t be better. It’s almost summer and I’m sure a lot of Koreans are now planning where to go for their vacation. I hope they’ll consider the Philippines and spend lots of money there :D.


  1. It’s nice to know that there were shots taken here in the Philippines. For Kim Sung Min, please render more interviews when you come back here in our country.

  2. I couldn’t believe it when I found this post… I think I have seen every one of this shows episodes. I wish they would make more like it even if it was considered a copy cat in the drama world.

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