Oh Ji Ho

Oh Ji Ho is another Korean to drool over

Oh Ji Ho
Oh Ji Ho

I’ve added another one to my list of Korean men to drool over :D… his name is Oh Ji-ho. He’s starring in the drama “Shin-ip-sa-won” or “Super Rookie” with Han Ga-in (who recently got married and is purported to have the most beautiful nose among Korean actresses) and Shinhwa’s Erik (yup, the boyband member)! He’s 29 years old and 183 cm tall. I’ve seen him in several commercials but it’s only now that I truly noticed him. He’s cute and has a charming bedimpled smile, full lips and a distinctive mole on his left cheek.

I’m not sure what his role was in the drama but it seems like he’s the villain to Erik’s character. Anyway, he kinda reminds me of Raymond Bagatsing a long time ago.


  1. betch,
    he is guapo, but then, ako aangkinin ko na si won bin, jo in sung at jang dong gun! belat! akin sila! akin! akeeeeeen! hahahaha…have a nice weekend! 😀

  2. god, i am so tired of waitting 2 days out of a week to watch that ‘super rookie’, can someone tell me where can i get the set of videos? pleaseeee

  3. If you happen to see this, I have a site dedicated to Oh Ji Ho. Times they are a changing, and Super Rookie is long in the past, but revived recently and offered for peanuts by YesAsia among others.

    Hyin Bin toothpaste? Very amusing.

    Email to you follows from me as Hyacinth/Hyacinth Papers.

  4. he’s gorgeous. i think koreans are so beautiful. i am mixed race, part black part white and would love to have a korean boyfriend. does any body know any mixed asian couples?

  5. what a handsome! he looks
    i am fall on his love i love her
    can he make my hubby i am interesting these like boys .

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