korean halo-halo

Korean halo-halo
Korean halo-halo

It’s quite hot today so I guess it’s almost summer. And like all summers, I find myself craving for something sweet and cold… like a hodgepodge. In the Philippines, it would mean “halo-halo” with sweetened camote, banana, tapioca balls, nata de coco, pinipig, sweet corn, sweet beans, leche flan, yam with lots of milk and topped with grated cheese. Whew!

Luckily, Korea has its own version of our “halo-halo” and it’s cold “pat-ping-su” (korean halo-halo). It is similar to our native hodgepodge but not as good though. It’s one of the most popular summer delights here, and is available almost anywhere (even coffee shops!).

Pat-ping-su is quite simple compared to “halo-halo”. It’s just a mixture of sweet beans, jelly, tapioca balls, rice cake, candy and topped with milk. It costs about 2,500 KRW (Korean won) but you can get one in a cup from your local grocery store for 700 KRW. And that’s what we usually do!


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