Great weekend!

Oh yes! I had a great weekend with friends last Saturday afternoon as it was Sheila’s housewarming party. Even if I slept at the wee hours of the morning, I still got up early to meet Anna and company at the Lotte Mart in Seoul Station. I got there “a bit” late (as usual) but I didn’t here any complaint so I guess it was okay 🙂

We got to Sheila’s house at around 1PM after buying her a gift — a vacuum cleaner. She was pretty (as always) even if she was just wearing her house clothes with very minimal make-up. She cooked spaghetti and roast chicken and ordered pizza as well. We also had tortillas plus salsa as appetizers. We had so much fun

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  1. Hi! I’m catherine trinidad, i live in the philippines and i am surely addicted to anything korean right now. haha because of boys over flowers! i’m in love with Kim sang bum ang Kim Joon.. =) omg! i was wondering if it is expensive to have a vacation there? my mom and i want to visit korea badly =) and i was hoping if i could talk to you about korean products because i love to try them! =) do you have an account in facebook?

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