Oprah, James and DMB

Oprah’s Wildest Dreams New York edition was shown here yesterday. I wasn’t able to watch the first 20 minutes though because I was doing something 🙂 When I finally tuned in, Oprah had just introduced James Denton of Desperate Housewives. The audience were screaming as loud and I screamed with them because I also like James Denton! He was a guest in the show several weeks ago and he said that it was his wildest dream to play with the Boston Red Sox. Oprah was able to pull some strings and granted his fantasy.

They showed James on the bus wearing a white DMB shirt. Call me crazy but I screamed thinking that he’s also a DMB fan. Wow! One of my wildest dreams, aside from winning the lottery and dating Jang Dong-gun, is to watch a DMB concert live and at the front row. Next month, they’re going to have a concert in Columbus, Ohio. My sister lives about 30 minutes from the city but she’s not a DMB fan. Enggggg! 🙂

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