Bruises for long hair

I don’t fully understand what is written on this website but it seems that male students are being punished for not having the proper hairstyle. I remember that we have some rules in high school on good grooming. Boys’ hair should not reach their ears and collars while girls should wear clips. The penalty is not serious, just a warning and a few words of advice from the homeroom teacher. If you fail to follow, then you’ll have to do more classroom service like cleaning after classes. As far as I can remember, the teachers at my high school never hit us. We were treated like young adults and were expected to act like one.

Even when I was in the Philippines, I don’t think that corporal punishment is an effective method in disciplining. It would just add to the hatred and distrust.


  1. well, public school punishes boys with long hair too! the guards cut a very ugly portion of their hair. Then the girls, the only rule is that they shouldn’t dye their hairs. Unfortunately, my hair is naturally brown, so i was subjected to the humiliation of being inspected. Only to humiliate them back because my hair was brown to the roots (heehee!)…

  2. well…actually i llke long hairs..(but like korean style huh..)..but i don’t like bald hair..i really don’t know why..maybe because they look-like gangster..and i don’t like gangster people..(sorry for that..) that’s it..^_^


  3. In our school boys must have the military style of hair. Semi-Army cut that is. I think it is cool. Their hairs looked like those of a gentleman.

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