Hospital tourism

I saw it on 60 Minutes… the hospital is called Bumrungrad and they are based in Bangkok, Thailand. I really don’t like hospitals because of the smell and the atmosphere but when I saw this one on TV, I thought that I’d like to be hospitalized there! 😀

Their clients are mostly westerners, rich Arabs, Japanese and of course, Thais. Their doctors were trained overseas and are experts in their fields. They offer almost all medical procedures from a general check-up to an open noselift. Can you imagine they’re offering medical packages as if they’re tour packages? How about paying 102,000 baht for a rhinoplasty with an overnight stay? Not bad. And considering how nice-looking the place is. They offer studio apartments to long-term patients as well as limousine service from the airport to the hospital.

So instead of exporting their doctors and nurses to western countries like we do, Thailand is actually “importing patients”. I’m amazed at the way they’re maximizing tourism in their country. Perhaps we can also do it in the Philippines.


  1. I am not sure if this is good or bad news but I think this hospital is in the process of buying the Asian Hospital in Alabang. Maybe you can wait and do your noselift there once the Thais start to manage the place…

  2. I am not willing to have a tourism in hospital.Hospital is related with the sickness which is unpleasant.
    But it is happy to know that advanced equipment is used in the hospital.Many patients will recover with the help of the doctors.

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