I’d finally bought a digicam. It wasn’t my first choice but I bought it anyway. When we went to Yongsan, I was set on buying a Canon Powershot A-95. I decided on it after spending hours, days and weeks reading reviews and viewing sample images. I thought it was the best choice for my budget (400,000 won).

I was supposed to order from the internet but my husband thought it would be better to try out the camera first before buying. The first store I visited quoted 315,000 won for the basic camera and 399,000 won with the extra accessories. I thought it was very reasonable. But then, the salesman started showing us other cameras and had us tried them.

The Canon Powershot A-95 is a 5-megapixel camera with a vari-angle LCD, which was very appealing. It was quite big compared to other cameras and a bit heavy too. The size and design is not really a big thing for me. What’s important is the image, right? Anyway, after trying a couple other cameras my husband thought that the images taken from the 4-megapixel Konica camera were better. Hmm… that was when I started to have second thoughts.

I’ve done so much research on the Canon and I really thought it was perfect. Comparing the two, and weighing the pros and cons we decided to get the 4mp Konica. My husband loved the images we took plus the camera’s titanium body and the warranty.

It was really so hard for me to decide since the difference in price was only 100,000 won. But I had to consider the warranty, which was non-existent with the Canon (it wasn’t a legal import, after all). We could have thought about it more but then it might be destiny that the camera was presented to us 😀

Hmm… I hope that we made a good purchase.

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