Adobo, Ginisang Mungo at Chopsuey

Thursday afternoon… Anna invited me to meet her friends for a lunch at her house. I obliged and glad that I did. Although very short, it was an afternoon well spent. We dined, and talked and laughed… for free! I was quite ashamed because I didn’t bring anything, except for my big self.

There I met four other women who’ve been living in Korea for so many years. They’ve been friends for a long time now and judging by how they interact with each other, I’d say they are very close. Thanks for inviting me to your lunch party… it was a lot of fun and you cook well!


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  2. According to one of the koreno drama (WitchYooHee) I had watched, If you put your love and effort while cooking that recipe it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t taste so good, but the fact that you spend time and you are happy doing it, that makes it so delicious.

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