An unexpected surgery

After yesterday’s upper-right wisdom tooth extraction, I went back to the dentist for another appointment. I thought that today he’ll remove my lower-right third molar, but I was wrong. It was only when he injected the anesthesia near my lower-left third molar that it dawned on me that he’s going to remove that tooth. The thing is, it can’t be removed with ordinary extraction but he had to operate on it. You see, the tooth was impacted like a hook.

If yesterday’s extraction was painless, today’s surgery was the opposite. The initial injection hurt like hell and I bled a lot (I think). I can’t remember how many times I raised my hand to tell the dentist that I was in pain. It wasn’t easy for the dentist too… and he said it was all because the tooth was impacted. After almost an hour, I felt the thread that he used to stitch my gums. It was my very first surgery.

We paid 30,000 won afterwards. It’s a lot cheaper than the 3,000 pesos that my dentist in Angeles City quoted me almost three years ago. Now all I have to do is rest and hope that the wound heals fast so I can go back to my part-time job. Oh, I still have to go back to the dentist again tomorrow. My husband said it’s just for cleaning but I don’t know if I should believe him :D.


  1. ouch! nahirapan din yung doctor, kaya mas mahal ng W5,000 ang fee niya today! get well soon, dear! i tried to buzz you today…seems to me you are busy eating ice cream to bring down the swelling of your gums…tama ba?

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