namdaemun — “seoul’s divisoria”

whoa! it has been days since i last posted anything here!

anyway, last saturday (dec 13) i met my hubby at namdaemun, which is famous for wholesale products, (he went there from work) and wow! it’s like the philippines divisoria… so many clothes, foods and souvenir items that you can buy at low, low prices… can you imagine a suede jacket for 20,000 won??? my eyes almost popped out in disbelief… we just bought a couple of souvenirs (compact mirrors and bookmarks for my friends) and ate bibimbap (yummy!) in one of the food stores there…

by the way, there’s a store in namdaemun called mesa and it has an escalator spanning five floors… it was so high that i was nervous riding it… the place is great too! so many nice clothes, shoes, and home items that you can buy…

wait… need to iron my hubby’s clothes first ;p


  1. Oh yeah…its like divisoria here in the Philippines..been there twice during my trip in Korea..First stop was after our DMZ tour with my newly found friend from Australia and England (Candice and Ian respectively)..The second time around was with a Malaysian friend Marcus…we had our lunch there.Ohhh I forgot…its thrice…the first one with Alicia and Candice.I remember..Well, just bought a pair of gloves there.kkk

  2. Hi Betchay!

    I was so happy to come across your blog. Anyway, I was looking into going to korea to shop for some products to take home (biyahera kumbaga…). It’s my first time so I’m kinda scared. Are there really good deals there? I usually buy clothes and shoes to sell… Thanks in advance for you help! I hope to go to korea soon!

  3. Hi ms betchay can you send me all the worksheet that you have for korean laguage, i was not able to find it to your blog, thanks.

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