what’s for dinner?

it’s almost 8pm and i haven’t prepared anything for dinner… i pity my husband… he works the whole day, comes home hungry only to find out that i’m still thinking what we’ll have for dinner 😀

shall it be samgyeopsal or shall we just order for a box of fried chicken??? anyway, we still have some frozen mandu on the fridge… i served him mandu-guk last night and he liked it… so shall it be fried mandu tonight? hehe…

i can cook… i’m just too lazy to cook… but i can make a really good spaghetti… that’s my favorite food… and in case you don’t know yet, i can last a week just eating spaghetti (and i eat a lot so i might need a fat burner to lose weight… filipinos generally don’t like eating the same food over and over again (which is not the case in korea)… and i’m not an exception, it’s just that i really like spaghetti… so shall i prepare it on my birthday? nahhhh… i’ll be celebrating my birthday in jecheon city… that’s my hubby’s hometown… you see, it’s their family’s memorial day and we’re all supposed to go to their hometown this weekend… that means bowing to their ancestors (name on the wall) for men… and preparing (or slaving in the kitchen) for the women… anyway, it’s not an everyday thing so it’s okay… i don’t mind preparing food… really, i’d like to learn how to make different dishes… it’s hip to be a cook these days…

let me tell you about my hubby’s family… they are korean, living in south korea… their family name is park (in english) or pak (in korean–> the english version sounds better)… my hubby is the third child… he has two older brothers and a younger sister (who happens to be months older than me)… they are all married… his family is cool, open-minded (i think so!) and loud (like 99% of koreans)… they are conservative (but modern– oops, i’m confused), buddhist (i respect their religion) and… korean 🙂

i like my hubby’s family but i sometimes feel claustrophobic with them… i guess it’s just me… and that’s for trying to be what they expect… it’s just that they don’t really expect anything for me… i guess i’m praning (although i prefer PeX)… of all his family members, i like Tayeon most… that’s his niece, his eldest brother’s first daughter… her english name is Dian… she’s cute and bubbly (7up!)… speaks a bit of English, sings well, swims very well (she just got an award last nov. 28) and most of all, she likes me too!

geez… this is to long… all righty… be back later…


  1. must be hard to mingle with their family. kwento ka naman po ng ligawan days niyo ^^

    i’m starting to read ur blog mula sa umpisa. ^^ cook kasi eh.

  2. Wow! your lucky enough to be in such a nice family. How did you meet your husband? Just curiious because I do have a korean boyfriend before and I found it hard to read whats on his mind.Thanks

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