My third attempt at a Korean blog

this is my third try to maintain a blogsite… i hope i’ll be able to really maintain this one… you see, i have a problem with organization… i’d really like to see things in their proper places but unfortunately, i haven’t been successful… why create a blogsite? first, it’s a hip thing to do and second, i’d like to have an outlet to vent out all those things on my mind… i’m not a writer though, i’m more of a reader :))

my blog’s titled full moon fever and i got that from tom petty’s old album… i used to be a fan and yeah, i had his album (in cassette tape, bought it in the early 90s)… and avonlea for that place in canada where anne of green gables grew up… oh boy! i just love that book and tv show… makes me want to go back in time…

anyway, i need to have my dinner… it’s mandu guk… it’s a korean dish of dumplings (mandu) in beef broth (guk means soup)… but don’t tell anybody, i just bought the mandu from the neighborhood store, kosa mart… i have yet to learn how to make homemade mandu… for now, it’s easier to buy the frozen ones from the store 😉


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